Statistical Process Control, and Quality Assurance in Construction

Statistical process control procedures are widely applied to understand and improve the production process of construction materials. Application of quality control procedures in monitoring the production, delivery, and construction process are essential, especially when the historical data collected on various projects can be used to gain better insight to the operational procedures.  Such information will promote interaction; reduce the liabilities, and benefits the owners and suppliers if any of the design parameters that is below the minimum requirement can be identified as soon as possible. The longer time it takes to detect discrepancies in the data, the more the penalty, project delays, and the higher the associated costs to the owners and suppliers.

Research in this area studies a series of statistical analysis procedures to analyze the compressive strength of concrete. The proposed method is based on combining two control charts for early detection of spurious shifts in the mean of the test data (out-of-control signal).

Correlation of data representing the specified strength and strength of concrete delivered to the job site for a single ready-mix producer.

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