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Engineering  |  Barzin Mobasher

Sustainable Cement Based Materials

Applications of micromechanics, physical and chemical properties, composite materials manufacturing, constitutive modeling, fiber reinforced concrete, fracture mechanics, experimental stress analysis, blended cements, and modeling of durability.

  1. Toughening mechanisms and fracture process in cementitious materials, Manufacturing Techniques for Cement Based Composite Materials
  2. An Overview of Fiber Reinforced Concrete Materials
  3. Fiber Reinforced Cement composites
  4. Fabric Reinforced Cement based systems
  5. Pultrusion, extrusion, compression molding
  6. Blended Cements, Flyash, and Copper Slag Utilization in concrete
  7. Blended Cement Systems
  8. Toughening mechanisms in quasi-brittle materials
  9. Transport Properties and Durability in concrete Systems
  10. Modeling of Sulfate Attack Durability
  11. Modeling of Restrained Shrinkage cracking
  12. Infrastructure Sustainability Bam Earthquake Slides, 2003