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Engineering  |  Barzin Mobasher

Structural Materials

Our goal is to create new and improved materials and mechanical systems which are structurally, environmentally, and economically superior. We focus on processing, characterization, modeling, and performance of structural materials. Areas of research interest include: Mechanics of Composite Materials for applications in Civil, Mechanical, Aerospace, Biomechanical, and Electrical Engineering. Theoretical and experimental mechanics of solids. Development of new construction materials and processes for their manufacture, analysis, and design ranging from cement based composite systems, to steel structures.  Durability of building materials and performance based specifications using diffusion reaction, and transport models as applied to porous solids are investigated.

With more than twenty years of research experience through contracts and grants with national and international government and private organizations, our work has published in more than 200 papers in various journals, and conference proceedings.

A broad range of research in cement-based materials is conducted including micromechanics, physical and chemical properties, composite materials manufacturing, constitutive modeling, fiber reinforced concrete, fracture mechanics, experimental stress analysis, blended cements, and modeling of durability.

Structural Analysis and Design of Sustainable Systems

Infrastructure Sustainability